Alumaflex Multi-Foil Insulation Q&A

Your Multi-Foil questions answered by Alumaflex, experts in insulation.

Q1. Why should I use a BBA approved multi-foil?
A.  British Agrement Certificates provide peace of mind to users, insurers, regulators and designers. Recognised throughout the UK by architects, engineers and building control personnel, these Agrement Certificates complement manufacturers’ own technical data with the BBA’s unbiased and impartial information relating to product performance .

Q2. Which multi-foil products currently have BBA certification?
A. Alumaflex Multi-Foil Insulation carries the BBA certification.

Q3. Which Multi-Foils do not carry BBA Certification?
A. There are several brands that do not, including Tri-Iso Super 10, Superquilt and SF19.

Q4. Performance wise, how do the non-BBA approved multi-foils perform, compared with Alumaflex?
A. The BBA requires all materials to undergo a stringent test criteria, so regardless of what claims the non-approved products make about themselves, it is hard for any conclusions to be drawn, and therefore impossible to compare with products which have undergone the BBAs testing, which include thermal tests, mechanical tests and ageing tests.

Q5. What U-Values should i expect to obtain when using a
BBA approved product?
A. U-Values obtained will vary – the higher the R-Value for the multi-foil the lower the U-Value will be obtained. To make sure that walls and roofs using multi-foils meet Building Regulations we would recommend that you refer to the manufacturers British Agrement Certificate. This certificate provides technical information regarding Product Performance and Building Regulations and guarantees thermal performance.        

Q6. Can Alumaflex multi-foil be used on its own?
A. Alumaflex Multi-foil can be used on its own but would need additional insulation within the roof and wall construction, in order to meet the current U-Values required under the latest Building Regulations Part L 2010.

Q7. Can I use two layers of Alumaflex multi-foil?
A. Yes you can, however a 25mm airspace would be required between the two layers.

Q8. Is the use of multi-foils allowed by all Building Control Bodies?
A. Yes,as long as the product carries BBA certification, the builder can be assured that the multi-foil will be accepted by the local building control.  It is stipulated by most building control bodies that multi-foils should be tested according to BR443.

Q9. What thickness of additional insulation is required to achieve the necessary U-Value?
A. Target U-Values will vary as they depend upon the detail and nature of the project. Therefore its always advisable to check with either the multi-foil manufacturer, the Building Inspector, or the architect.  You can find sample calculations for walls and roofs in the latest copies of the manufacturers agrement certificate.

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