BBA Approved Case Study for Alumaflex Multi-Foil Thermal Insulation

At Alumaflex we are always raising awareness to importance of high quality Multi-Foil Insulation

Alumaflex Multi-foil insulation contains variable features which make it ideal for many purposes. for example carrying out a barn conversion, a pitched or flat roof, along with timber frame and walls and roofs of masonry, as well as internal multi-foil insulation of lofts.


Alumaflex Multi-foil Insulation is a refined multi-layer thermal insulation obstruction of low emissivity which tackles the 3 types of heat transfer – radiation, convection and conduction. Thus being able to reflect heat away from the building, so it will be kept cooler when its hot outside, and when its cold outside, keeping the heat within the building, producing an air tight environment, thus eliminating draughts and cold bridging.


Alumaflex is one of IPP's Building Products key insulation products. The Essex based company have spent time, effort & money to make sure that this multi-foil insulation that they manufacturer in the UK, is the safest, most efficient, and very user-friendly, thus meeting industry regulations and standards: A massive selection of PIR & reflective multi-foil insulation materials allows the contractors and designers to meet the latest revisions to part L of the building regulations 2010. Having undergone rigorous testing,extensive site and manufacturers inspections, Alumaflex Multi-foil thermal insulation has gained its BBA Approved License. Alumaflex Multi-foil insulation will offer insulation for roofs & walls in a new construction, this Multi-foil insulation has further gained NHBC approval, as part of its BBA Approved Authentication. IPP needed a strategy to spread the word regarding the new BBA Approved Multi-foil Insulation.


Plan of action:

  • To produce a visible connection with the BBA, so chief associates of the building industry, including home DIYers know that Alumaflex Multi-foil insulation is capable of fulfilling all their insulation needs.
  • To gain access to the designers, architects and controllers of the building industry as this is the stage that Multi-foil insulation is best fitted.
  • To target the large retail groups that may commit themselves to carrying this product in stock as a BBA approved Multi-foil selection.
  • Marking the importance of using BBA Approved merchandise because of the the PR & marketing activity.

Principal Action:

  • When BBA Approved, use of the logo is granted. Making association with the brand straight forward. Logos will incorporate identical colours (red and blue), empowering the association further. Logo and product updating on press pack, the industry websites, and the networking social sites.
  • A press relations info web site was set up containing documentation of product activity,concentrating on the BBA Approved Certificate.
  • Press release on-line was also posted with product information and logos. Thus raising product SEO, as well as attracting industry press, and re-enforcing the BBA Approved certification over the competition.
  • Building relationships by corresponding with emails & phone calls. So information regarding the BBA Approved license was sent to more than 350 Building Control Managers, by means of personal emails. The message has been circulated again to additional controllers, in a wider area.
  • A demonstrative meeting with a large retailer took place as a way to obtain placement of sales around the country.
  • To further follow up the meeting, branch managers were duly contacted.

In general a higher awareness of the product has been raised throughout the industry, in addition to continual referencing of the BBA Approved License. As well as articles in major publications including Unimer News and Builder's Merchant.

”Congratulations on achieving BBA certification for your multi-foil product, we are reluctant to accept multi-foil products unless BBA or similar certification is presented as evidence of compliance with building regulations.’
Jack Leslie

Principal Building Standards Office

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