Alumaflex Multi-Foil Insulation Q&A

Your Multi-Foil questions answered by Alumaflex, experts in insulation.

Q1. Why should I use a multi-foil tested by a UKAS accredited body?
A.  These tests provide peace of mind to users, insurers, regulators and designers.

Q2. What U-Values should i expect to obtain?
A. U-Values obtained will vary – the higher the R-Value for the multi-foil the lower the U-Value will be obtained. To make sure that walls and roofs using multi-foils meet Building Regulations.

Q3. Can Alumaflex multi-foil be used on its own?
A. Alumaflex Multi-foil can be used on its own but would need additional insulation within the roof and wall construction, in order to meet the current U-Values required under the latest Building Regulations Part L 2010.

Q4. Can I use two layers of Alumaflex multi-foil?
A. Yes you can, however a 25mm airspace would be required between the two layers.

Q5. Is the use of multi-foils allowed by all Building Control Bodies?
A. Yes, if the product is tested by a UKAS accredited body, the builder can be assured that the multi-foil will be accepted by the local building control.

Q6. What thickness of additional insulation is required to achieve the necessary U-Value?
A. Target U-Values will vary as they depend upon the detail and nature of the project. Therefore its always advisable to check with either the multi-foil manufacturer, the Building Inspector, or the architect.

For more information on how multi-foils perform against other types of thermal insulation please call Alumaflex on 01621 776252 or email [email protected]. Follow Alumaflex on Twitter.

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