Thermal Insulation for Walls and Roofs

We have taken the time to write a list of helpful pointers you may wish to consider regarding wall insulation and loft insulation. A good thermal multi-foil insulation could save you hundreds of pounds!

As we all know the cost of running gas central heating can be a worrying one, nevertheless we still have to use it. It can be more beneficial to wait and use it when the really cold weather kicks in. A further way of saving the pennies and the energy is to ensure that the gas is on a timer. For instance, if the children are at school all day, and you are at work, there is no point having your heating switched on during that period.  Suggestions: set the timer for the heating to come on 30 minutes before the household rises first thing, up until 10 minutes before everybody leaves. Then set the timer again for 10 minutes before everybody gets home and leave on for around two hours, and as an option set it for an hour in the evening.

An electric heating system is equally expensive, however, the same rule applies. Avoid constant use, and as far as the small electric heaters, they use a lot of energy but the heat output is minimal… so give these a wide berth.

The original functional fireplace is a feature that many of you love, and others could have had fireplaces re-opened or even installed.  They may find although they look incredibly stylish, they send a lot of heat up through the chimney, and you are not going to get much benefit from heat produced unless you are right in front of the fireplace –which can be very dangerous, also annoying other chilly household members. An open fire place can appear romantic, but they are far from practical nowadays. If your fireplace is so much loved you find you cannot block it up, or maybe refuse to leave it redundant you should consider thinking about installing a blower insert, which will blow the generated hot air back into the room.

However, there are ways to ensure heat retention At the top of your shopping list should be insulation. This could be a multi-foil insulation or a variety of thermal insulation. If your home does not have full if you dont have insulation for loft, timber frame, roof or wall, then it is most certainly an outlay that is worth investing in, as in time, you will save energy and money.  If one thing sticks in your mind from your time spent in science class, let it be that heat rises. So any heat from your home will disappear through your roof – taking both your energy and cash with it. It certainly is worth checking out the thermal insulation within your loft. Building Regulations recommend loft thermal insulation to be a thickness of 270mm, with the most effective thickness recorded to be 350mm. Multi-foil insulation is perfect for this job.

Now, what about your windows? Are your windows fully double glazed? Have they been sealed? Ensure that you have for the winter months, heavy window coverage. Door draft excluders are also a great way to inhibit colder air from creeping in to rooms and halls. They also help to visually remind you of the benefits of doors kept closed and heat locked in.

Have a look around your house and feel for any drafts, this will show you a good indication of area which may be a problem. You may find that some drafts might just need sealing or plastering over, some may indicate that improvements need to be carried out to your insulation. Also closing vents in rooms that you are not regularly using.

If you have all of the above covered, then you will be looking forward to a cosy winter… especially if you have an emergency hot water bottle, fluffy slippers and a blanket at the ready just in case!!!

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