Alumaflex Thermal Insulation

Product Information

loft conversion insulation
Width 1.2m
Length 8.33m
Thickness 25 - 30mm
Core Value 0.90m2 k/w
Roofs 1.8m2 k/w
Walls 2.26 m2 k/w
Emissivity 0.03
Weight 700g/m2
Vapour Barrier 1200 MN.sg1

Alumaflex Thermal insulation is specified to control three components of heat transmittance through the building fabric:

  1. Conduction of heat through building fabric
  2. Convection via air movement
  3. Radiant transmission


  • Effective in both Summer and Winter
  • Alumaflex Insulation retains heat during winter and reflects heat in summer preventing over-heating warm spaces
  • Flexible, durable and free from irritants
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Acts as an effective vapour barrier
  • Can be used in conjunction with other forms of insulation

Alumaflex : design benefits

  • The insulation material and effect on floors and external wall thickness are minimal
  • Alumaflex Insulation provides the opportunity to incorporate the insulation into other aspects of building function; for example, creating thermal benefits in limited spaces eg. the use of a roof void as habitable space, Alumaflex is perfect as loft conversion insulation

Criteria for specifying Alumaflex thermal insulation

  • Performance in use and longevity – full product certification
  • Alumaflex provides the reassurance that on-site work will meet the required thermal design standards
  • Alumaflex insulation will have minimal impact on building design and capital cost
  • Minimal space required

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